New devices and digital enablement of smart things in the home or office have multiplied enormously, creating new attractive value propositions to businesses wishing to deliver to the 24-hour technology user.

We are moving from being connected through smart devices, to always being connected – interactions occurring 24-hours a day.

Key emerging technologies in the ability to connect devices will accelerate this area whilst products that create value by delivering user relevance will see rapid adoption.

New business models and partnerships will disrupt long standing markets. Just last week I heard of a startup that is establishing a novel physical network of receivers in a major metropolitan geography, to read all types of smart metering devices.

The watch word is “Mesh”.

This reduces focus on the device – and instead places the focus on the user. The focus shifts with a 24 hour monitoring and moves closer to the users interaction, behaviour and experiences.

We are one generation away from devices being integrated into the user, think RFID chip. 

The strategic opportunity lies in taking advantage of the new categories of products that interact with the user. Not focusing so much on the device (as generally long tail manufacturers can reproduce most things.) instead focusing on the experience, for example the library of content or UI.

The million dollar question – How does one get past the physical products such as virtual personal assistant (VPA) wireless speakers, wearables, personal assistant robots (PARs), connected cars, and other intelligent things and focus on the user experience and outcome?

This disruption and opportunity is happening in the smart workplace as well as the connected home.

To reduce risk on cost outlay, partnerships can be formed between physical device manufacturers and content providers, to provide an overall experience that may stand a better opportunity of adoption.

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