Gartner defines “data literacy” as the ability to read, write and communicate data in context, including an understanding of data sources and constructs, analytical methods and techniques applied, and the ability to describe the use case, the application and resulting value.

In the next few years (2-3) we will see a massive acceleration in digital business transformation. Employees now enter the workforce with a level of digital proficiency (that is in their mindsets and attitudes) that will enable a pull in digital adoption and acceleration. Companies that plan for this can take advantage of this wave and transform with the momentum.

Companies can manage the momentum by taking ownership of the vision and create formal data literacy programs as a method of transforming existing talent and attracting new critical skills.

A recent predictions from Gartner (“Predicts 2018: Digital Workplace Programs to Boost Digital Dexterity”) By 2023, data literacy will be part of over half of all university curricula, certifications, civil service.

Food for thought.

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