My story, my dream, my vision

My passion for blending business outcomes and digital technology strategy was not born overnight, its taken a fantastic journey of over 2 decades.

Over this time, I’ve been fortunate to have accomplished some epic achievements, authored a number of best selling books published by Osborne McGraw Hill in IT, released in English, Mandarin and Spanish and consulted in a few of the worlds largest companies in senior technology and strategic positions.

Having travelled to over 55 countries whilst living in more than 17 cities, from Silicon valley, USA through Freetown, Sierra Leone to Sydney, Australia where I live with my wife and children.

Travelling has opened my eyes to the plight of disadvantaged children. My dream is to help them. I do this by offering my time and resources to those who cant help themselves. In order to be more effective I team up with existing charities such as “The Smith Family” (donations) and am working on influencing massive change in government and NGO’s within Australia.

I am excited about the vision for “That Strategy”, having an opportunity to blend experience and wonderful connections, into a format that is free and educational, whilst supporting disadvantaged children. Everyone benefits.

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