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An Interview With Manik Saha – CIO SAP Asia Pacific

A fantastic discussion with Manik – We discuss how to lead teams across countries, whilst being part of a large enterprise. How to innovate as part of culture whilst focusing on what matters. How to prioritise reduction of technical debt, whilst focusing on the future.

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From Interview to Inspiration

The business world is changing at a rate never seen before. We are in a new industrial age, this is the Industrial Revolution 2.0.

Business units are no longer seen as isolated from IT, digital transformation is as synonymous as business change. The boundaries between business, IT and digital have dissolved. Strategies need to incorporate a holistic approach that understand the matrix environment in which they need to lead the enterprise.

To seek and interview leaders and influencers across all industries and at all stages of organisational growth, whom are on the cutting edge of strategic thinking and influencing change.

You are then able to listen and hopefully be inspired to lead your organisation or division through uncertain times to do these and more:

  • Clarify what your team will and wont do.
  • Craft a vision and strategy and capture it in a memorable phrase.
  • Make yours and your direct reports priorities explicit.
  • Allocate the right resources, with the right values, to the right deliverables.
  • Clarify decision rights and RACI models for autonomous and faster decision making.
  • Use the right methods to measure and track progress of your strategy.
  • Truly lead as opposed to copying the market.

In addition to the podcasts released every 14 days, I hope you enjoy the “30 second reads” – each of them should provide a thought provoking idea or concept.

I look forward to going on this journey with you.